Founded in 2002, Kirkham Law has established a reputation for vigorous advocacy and successful representation of clients. The success of our firm is built on referrals from satisfied clients who have rated us highly in efficiency, competence, professional demeanor, level of care and cost-effectiveness.

Cost Effective -  Our service begins with a one-time free on-line or telephone consultation with an attorney who will listen to your issues and provide you with clear options and costs before you pay a cent. 

'Helping clients, goods and services across international borders since 2002'

OFFICES:   Jamaica 121 Old Hope Rd. (876)927-3401, Tampa FL 306A Fowling Ct. (813)293-6594

THE FACTS:  Visa Denials are mainly due to submission of incorrectly completed forms, late submission or submission of wrong form.  

1.  Each visa question is designed to obtain specific information

2.  Inconsistent information is easily detected by well-trained immigration officers.

3.  Overcoming a denial is expensive and time consuming.

At Kirkham Law, WE GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.  Immigrating is one of the most important decisions of your life...let US provide you with the experience you deserve.  

Temporary (Non-Immigrant) Visas 

Allow temporary visits for a stated purpose such as visit, study, work etc. 

Permanent (Immigrant) Visas or Green Card

Allow for permanent residency in the the United States. 

Other Visas 

Consists of specialized visas,  Visa Denials,Extensions and Deportation. 


  • Trade Remedies

  • Customs Duties

  • Customs Seizures


(clients include University, Governments, Trade Associations, Corporations and individuals)

IMMIGRATION - Jan and Ken Reid, Sun City Center, FL - Thank you so much to Ms. Kirkham for her excellent work in representing my husband, Ken and I in obtaining his Green Card.  Months before, we had hired a highly recommended immigration attorney and were astounded with the many, many errors his firm had made on our forms.  We had already paid him $3,000 and he wanted $2,200 more.  The forms he sent for us to sign and submit had over 25 errors!  We didnt know where to turn, until a former client of Ms. Kirkham referred her.  We called and set up an appointment.  From that first meeting, we felt very confident in her knowledge of immigration procedures.  During this important process we needed peace of mind (especially after our former experience).  Her level of professionalism, her attention to detail and conscientiousness was AMAZING!  Her forms and the documentation she included with our petition was PERFECT.  The process went through without a hitch, a glitch, or a hiccup...In other words....smoothly.  AND Ms. Kirkham's rates are fair and reasonable.  Within 4 months Ken and I went for his interview and obtained his Green card, much quicker than we thought possible.  I wish I could think of better words to express our sincere appreciation for all Ms. Kirkham did for us. 

INTERNATIONAL TRADE LAW  - Domicem, Dominican Republic -  Kirkham Law's experience in International Trade was magnificently manifested in the successful resolution of the Cement Antidumping case of Jamaica vs Dominican Republic in our favor. In the area of International Trade Law...the go to firm for astounding work and professionalism is Kirkham Law.

CUSTOMS LAW - V. Patel, UNIC Imports, Sarasota, FL - I had a serious situation when U.S. Customs seized my entire container of imports.  Thankfully I was represented by KIRKHAM LAW.  Ms. Kirkham was available every day of the week and worked effectively with the Manufacturer in China and U.S Customs in Tampa, FL to ensure release of my shipment.  When it comes to professionalism and competence, I recommend Kirkham Law.

INTERNATIONAL TRADE & ADMINISTRATIVE LAW - Beverley Morgan, Chairman ofADASC - As part of its obligation under the World Trade Agreement (WTO) Treaty, Jamaica took the decision to establish an Antidumping and Subsidies Commission (ADASC) to conduct investigations into unfair international trading.  Ms. Kirkham was hired and her performance in getting this new organization off the ground was outstanding. She guided the design of the public education and training and actively participated in refining the law and drafting the governing regulations. She developed and nurtured relationships with the WTO office in Geneva Switzerland and with similar commissions in Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Trinidad.  Three years later Auditors from the WTO singled out the Jamaican Commission as exemplary, and a model for developing countries.  This is a tribute to Ms. Kirkham's stewardship.

Phillip Paulwell, Minister of Industry, Commerce and Technology, Jamaica - We appreciate and thank Ms. Kirkham for her penchant for painstaking and hard work and her contribution to the establishment of the Jamaican Trade Remedies Commission, an organization which now holds a lofty position in the Caribbean region as assessed by external observers and experts.
REGIONAL TRADE LAWS - Dr. Lucy Eugene, Academic Coordinator UWI/WTO Regional Trade Policy Course - As a Regional Consultant to the Joint University of the West Indies and World Trade Organization (UWI/WTO) International Trade Policy Courses conducted for public trade officials throughout the Caribbean Region, Ms. Kirkham was selected for her extensive knowledge and experience in International Trade Matters and has made an invaluable contribution.

Dr. Jessica Byron, Senior Lecturer -UWI Department of Government - Ms. Kirkham has been an Associate Lecturer for the University of the West Indies graduate courses "World Trading System and International Economic Law".  She is hardworking, conscientious, organized, analytical and thorough and provides practical approaches and invaluable regional perspectives to the practice of International Trade Law.